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Guide To Using Smartphones, SIM Cards, and Data Plans In Europe

Having a high-speed data plan while traveling Europe is almost a necessity these days — especially for navigating with Google Maps and finding...

Germany Train Guide – How To Travel Germany By Train

Germany has one of Europe’s greatest rail networks. The trains are fast, frequent, and famous for being punctual. As an added bonus, it’s...

The Best Hike of my Life: The Tour du Mont Blanc

Earlier this fall, four of us — total novices at long-distance treks — hiked around Europe’s highest mountain. (On the first day, big birds...

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My 1978 “Hippie Trail” Journal: From Mashhad, Iran, to Herat, Afghanistan

With the fall of Afghanistan, I’ve been reflecting on my travel experiences there as a 23-year-old backpacker on the “Hippie Trail” from Istanbul to...

Perpignan: France’s Little-Known City of Colours and Sunshine

By Ava Kabouchy – Photography & Travel Website When Ava Kabouchy took the plunge and exchanged the Atlantic temperatures of Maine for the Mediterranean temperatures...

Eastern Europe Mega Trip Itinerary (Travel Time: 6-10 Weeks)

Eastern Europe still remains an intriguing mystery to most of us. It offers many treasures, but those treasures take a bit of work...

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