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Savouring Split

Ever dreamt of spending the winter in a Roman Emperor’s oceanfront palace, enjoying both nature, history and the seaside? While some keep on dreaming,...

Perpignan: France’s Little-Known City of Colours and Sunshine

By Ava Kabouchy – Photography & Travel Website When Ava Kabouchy took the plunge and exchanged the Atlantic temperatures of Maine for the Mediterranean temperatures...

Allbirds Comparision Guide | Our In-Depth & Long-Term Wear Test

Allbirds have taken the world by storm and they can be found on the feet of everyone from celebrities to handsome savvy travel...

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Best Hostels in Athens | Backpacker’s Guide to Athens Hostels

Athens is one of the best places in Europe to see ancient history with your own eyes and it’s also a popular first...

The Red Corals of Zlarin

By Anita Palada, Croatian Travel Journal – According to Greek mythology, red corals were made when Perseus beheaded Medusa and threw her head into the...

Eastern Europe Mega Trip Itinerary (Travel Time: 6-10 Weeks)

Eastern Europe still remains an intriguing mystery to most of us. It offers many treasures, but those treasures take a bit of work...

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