Friday, December 9, 2022

Best Travel Shoes — Fashionable & Comfortable Shoes for Traveling

Picking the correct travel shoes is one of the most important (and most frustrating) parts of traveling to Europe. I still struggle with it — But don’t worry because in this guide I...

Aveiro – Art Nouveau Pearl in Portugal

There are a surprising number of Art Nouveau buildings in Portugal, yet Aveiro still shines a bit more joyful, colourful. Perhaps it’s Aveiro’s relaxed pace, that makes the architectural exploration more pleasant. Perhaps it’s...

How to Start a Travel Blog That Makes Money | The MEGA Step-by-Step Guide

I created The Savvy Backpacker in 2010 and now it receives nearly 3,000,000 visitors a year. It’s also earned enough money to help fund our travels across Europe. In this guide, I’ll tell...

Guide to Long-Term Travel in Europe: How To Stay Longer Than 90 Days

Long-term travel in Europe is a dream that many of us have, but dealing with visa issues, travel costs, accommodation, and saving money can be quite difficult. This guide will walk you through...

New York Pass Review — A Good Value or a Waste of Money? (2022)

Here at The Savvy Backpacker I mainly focus on Europe — but after living in New York City for over six years I decided to do my own New York City Pass Review...

Eastern Europe Mega Trip Itinerary (Travel Time: 6-10 Weeks)

Eastern Europe still remains an intriguing mystery to most of us. It offers many treasures, but those treasures take a bit of work to uncover. This itinerary starts in Berlin and circles through...

Best Of Europe Mega Trip Itinerary (Travel Time: 8-10+ weeks)

This is it… the Best of Europe Mega Trip itinerary that is designed to give you a taste of the best Europe has to offer. This itinerary covers 18+ cities throughout Europe and...

Complete Guide To Train Travel In Europe

Traveling by train is the quintessential way to tour Europe. It’s romantic. It’s inspiring. It’s super-efficient. It’s comfortable. Some might say it’s almost magical. And to those of us who don’t live in...

Eurail Pass Guide | The Ultimate Rail Pass Guide For Train Travel in Europe

Traveling through Europe with a Eurail Pass is a tradition that stretches back to the 1960s and it’s still going strong today — it’s how I traveled on my first trip to Europe...

Reverse Culture Shock & Post-Travel Depression

We spend so much time preparing for our overseas travels but there is one area that no one seems to talk about — the reverse culture shock and post-travel depression that nearly every...

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