Sunday, September 24, 2023

Touring the Ardennes on Bike

By Jasper Pryor – The Ardennes is one of the best places to go bikepacking in northern France. The unspoiled nature, picturesque villages and rich gastronomy makes it a perfect destination for...

Perpignan: France’s Little-Known City of Colours and Sunshine

By Ava Kabouchy – Photography & Travel Website When Ava Kabouchy took the plunge and exchanged the Atlantic temperatures of Maine for the Mediterranean temperatures of southwest France, she also gained a completely different colour...

Lascaux’s Prehistoric Cave Paintings

As Europe starts opening up to travelers again, it’s more exciting than ever to think about the cultural treasures that await. For me, one of the great joys of travel is having in-person encounters...

How to Road Trip around Europe

By Maurice Vogel, International Drivers Association There are a few factors you need to consider when travelling around Europe. The way you do it depends on where you are coming from, the location you are...

The Best Hike of my Life: The Tour du Mont Blanc

Earlier this fall, four of us — total novices at long-distance treks — hiked around Europe’s highest mountain. (On the first day, big birds of prey circled high overhead. My hunch: They were vultures...

The Mont Blanc Esprit de Corps

Hiking Europe’s Tour du Mont Blanc was a totally different slice of European culture for me: Coming upon a remote farmhouse-turned-thriving-cafe serving wonderful lunches…flowers and cows (with classic bells) scenically sprinkled throughout…and an...

Taking it Easy on the Tour du Mont Blanc

While the Tour du Mont Blanc is demanding, it’s not a particularly difficult hike. It’s just long, with lots of altitude gain and loss, and always scenic. On my recent trek around the mountain...

The Tour du Mont Blanc: Some Tips I Learned Along the Way

At 66, I felt a bit like the father of the hiking community when I hiked around Mont Blanc earlier this fall. But the Tour du Mont Blanc is doable for any reasonably...

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