Monday, June 5, 2023

Siena: Italy’s Medieval Soul

I believe a regular dose of travel dreaming can be good for the soul. Stow away with me to Siena, Italy, in this excerpt from my book For the Love of Europe, a collection...

6 hours in Burano – Colours of the Venetian Lagoon

By Soham Nagchowdhury It was 11 o’clock on our 3rd day in Venice, and the weather was moist with little rain. Our morning had been spent ambling along the Fondamente Nove (Central passage), and now,...

The Best Hike of my Life: The Tour du Mont Blanc

Earlier this fall, four of us — total novices at long-distance treks — hiked around Europe’s highest mountain. (On the first day, big birds of prey circled high overhead. My hunch: They were vultures...

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