Saturday, May 28, 2022

Lascaux’s Prehistoric Cave Paintings

As Europe starts opening up to travelers again, it’s more exciting than ever to think about the cultural treasures that await. For me, one of the great joys of travel is having in-person encounters...

Vienna – Capital of Classical Music

If there’s one city in Europe you should visit if you’re a classical music buff, it’s without any doubt Vienna. Filled with outstanding orchestras and imposing Music Halls, not to mention the legacy of...

Lamego – Base Camp for the Douro Valley

By Jerry Olivas After you have had your fill of the great ports of Portugal, on the south bank of Porto, why not continue your wine tasting with a visit to the Douro Valley? This...

Paris Pass Review (2021) — A Good Value or Waste of Money?

The Paris Pass is one of the most popular sightseeing passes — but is it actually a good value? In this in-depth Paris Pass Review, I’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed the practicalities...

“COVID and the Anti-Vaxxers”

“COVID and the Anti-Vaxxers”   JK, it’s a 13th-century image of hell from the Florence Baptistery. Europe has suffered through many plagues and pandemics over the centuries — and in the Middle Ages (before they had...

Switzerland Train Guide – How To Use The Swiss Rail Network

Swiss trains run like clockwork—in fact, Switzerland arguably has the most reliable train network in Europe. You can essentially get just about anywhere quickly and efficiently on the train and the views can’t...

In the Footsteps of the Vikings: East Denmark

We continue our quest for clues about the Vikings in Denmark: How they lived & died, what they believed in and how they fared in this epoch between prehistory and ancient history. The...

How to Start a Travel Blog That Makes Money | The MEGA Step-by-Step Guide

I created The Savvy Backpacker in 2010 and now it receives nearly 3,000,000 visitors a year. It’s also earned enough money to help fund our travels across Europe. In this guide, I’ll tell...

New York Pass Review — A Good Value or a Waste of Money? (2022)

Here at The Savvy Backpacker I mainly focus on Europe — but after living in New York City for over six years I decided to do my own New York City Pass Review...

Siena: Italy’s Medieval Soul

I believe a regular dose of travel dreaming can be good for the soul. Stow away with me to Siena, Italy, in this excerpt from my book For the Love of Europe, a collection...

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