Sunday, March 26, 2023

Vienna – Capital of Classical Music

If there’s one city in Europe you should visit if you’re a classical music buff, it’s without any doubt Vienna. Filled with outstanding orchestras and imposing Music Halls, not to mention the legacy of...

Best Waterproof Boots For Women

It’s hard to beat a nice pair of waterproof boots when you’re traveling during the winter or in wet conditions. But no one wants to travel around Europe wearing an ugly pair of...

Lamego – Base Camp for the Douro Valley

By Jerry Olivas After you have had your fill of the great ports of Portugal, on the south bank of Porto, why not continue your wine tasting with a visit to the Douro Valley? This...

Picasso’s “Guernica”  

Watching the recent events in Afghanistan unfold in the headlines, I’ve been thinking about how important it is to humanize far-away tragic events — and the unique ability of artists to do so.  Picasso’s monumental painting “Guernica” — more than 25 feet wide — is a powerful example of this. It’s not only...

London Pass Review — Is the London Pass Worth It?

London is a bit of an oddity when compared to other major European cities — its world-class government-funded museums are free but other attractions are shockingly expensive. Because of this, the London Pass can...

Cats of Athens

Athens is probably the first city in Europe, where we’ve seen the many stray cats belonging to the entire community. Lounging on an ancient pillar, looking out from the Parthenon or sleeping in the...

Siena: Italy’s Medieval Soul

I believe a regular dose of travel dreaming can be good for the soul. Stow away with me to Siena, Italy, in this excerpt from my book For the Love of Europe, a collection...

Allbirds Review | Testing The “World’s Most Comfortable Shoes”

We first heard of Allbirds shoes back in 2016 when our friend from New Zealand was wearing them. She claimed these shoes (which were made from New Zealand merino wool) were super comfortable —...

6 hours in Burano – Colours of the Venetian Lagoon

By Soham Nagchowdhury It was 11 o’clock on our 3rd day in Venice, and the weather was moist with little rain. Our morning had been spent ambling along the Fondamente Nove (Central passage), and now,...

The Book of Kells — Christ Enthroned

For me, one of the great joys of travel is having in-person encounters with great art — which I’ve collected in a book called Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces. Here’s one of my favorites: Jesus Christ...

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